Usually clients check out just the features they'll get with a given hosting plan and tend to forget something just as essential - the service uptime. As good as a plan may be, regular downtimes could lead to lower search engine rank and lost clients regardless of what the explanation for them might be. Of course, not many people would come back to an Internet site that's unavailable half the time, not mentioning the wasted funds if you've invested in a marketing campaign. For this reason, if you purchase a new web hosting solution, you should make sure that the service will be stable and your sites will be online all the time. This means a boost in traffic, or in case that you have got an online store, for instance, better uptime means happier customers.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Hosting

We guarantee 99.9% network uptime for every single hosting account on our servers. We take advantage of a high-tech cloud hosting platform in which every single part of the web hosting service is managed by a different cluster of web servers, therefore if one machine fails, the other ones in the cluster are going to take over right away. The cloud platform also lowers the overall load greatly, and so the website hosting service is much more stable in comparison with a service by which everything runs on a single machine and your sites are going to perform in the very best way. We furthermore have redundant Internet lines and diesel backup generators to ensure that your sites will stay online no matter what. Hardware and software firewalls guarantee the adequate functioning of your machines in the case of DDoS attacks while in the case of any software trouble, we have administrators checking the servers 24/7.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you get a semi-dedicated server package through us, you are going to enjoy a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Your account will be set up on a cutting-edge cloud website hosting platform with a load-balancing system that practically eliminates any downtime. The files, e-mail messages, stats and databases are all handled by their own groups of servers, so even if there is an issue one web server, your websites aren't going to be affected in the slightest. This enables us to provide a considerably more stable hosting service compared to companies which run everything on one server where a problem with a single service can take the entire server down. To protect yourself from infrastructure problems, our data centers work with various Internet providers and powerful diesel generators, so regardless of what happens, the machines will keep working without any disruptions and your sites will remain operational. Any software issues will be addressed without delay by our knowledgeable group of professionals that keep an eye on all web servers 24/7.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Hosting

If you buy a dedicated server through us, we guarantee that it'll be functioning a minimum of 99.9% of the time. For a start, your web hosting server is going to be designed with new and carefully tested hardware components and we'll not make any compromises about this. Our data center in the central district of Chicago offers powerful diesel backup generators, so in the case of an outage your server will still be operational and with numerous redundant Internet providers, your sites will be available if there is any connection issue. In the event of any unforeseen conditions, we've got experienced system admins that keep track of all website hosting servers all the time and they can react instantly to eliminate the issue in a very timely manner. Last in sequence, but not last in importance, our servers have software and hardware firewalls to prevent the excess traffic in the event of a DDoS attack.